I have over 25 years of experience helping people successfully navigate life's most difficult challenges and realize their dreams.  My practice is based on a combination of solution-focused, cognitive-behavioral, and positive psychology approaches.  I see individuals, couples and families with problems related to major life changes, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, marital conflict, parenting concerns, women's issues, school performance, work challenges, financial stress, achieving personal excellence, and coping with disability and medical illness.  I have particular expertise in working with highly intelligent, gifted, talented and creative individuals, sensitive and intuitive people and successful professionals, such as executives, physicians, attorneys, scientists, engineers, computer programmers, college professors, and entrepreneurs. I also provide consultation services to organizations, family businesses and medical practices.

Many people are reluctant to try psychotherapy because they don't want to spend a lot of time analyzing their childhoods. Others have said they've talked to a therapist in the past but nothing in their lives really changed from it. My practice is different. I help my clients solve problems and make practical improvements in their lives that will make a difference right now. I've helped countless teens and adults make lasting changes and lead better lives.

The right therapist-client match is essential for success.  My personal style is warm, supportive, flexible and optimistic. I focus on your individual perspective, unique strengths and personal values as we collaborate in bringing about the changes that will accomplish your goals.

"Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional."
...John C. Maxwell

Most people find that talking to someone who can help is much easier than going it alone.  Why wait?  Call or send an email to schedule an appointment now. 

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