Even if your life is going well, there is always room for improvement!  Counseling and coaching services can help you clarify and overcome barriers and obstacles in the path to the happy, healthy and successful life you aspire to.  And needless to say, it's always beneficial to have an unbiased caring person to talk over life's difficulties with.  Dr. Squyres can help with: 

Interpersonal and relationship skills
Successful dating and friendships
Stress management
Career decisions, goals and advancement
Financial management, debt recovery and budgeting
Planning and problem solving
Time Management
Personal organization and “stuff” management
Insight and self-awareness
Developing groundedness and authenticity
Balancing multiple commitments
Integrity and moral behavior
Values clarification
Existential, philosophical and spiritual questioning
Decision Making
Finding Joy
Relaxation Skills
Healthy lifestyle
Academic achievement
Athletic / sports performance and excellence

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