Our families can bring us to the highest of highs or the lowest of lows.  Psychotherapy can help whether you have a well functioning family that would benefit from improvement or a family struggling with conflict and problems.  Dr. Squyres can help couples and families improve or cope with:

Marital and relationship problems
Communication Skills            
Conflict Resolution            
Anger management and “fair” fighting
Sexual dysfunction            
Problem Solving            
Decision Analysis
Finances, budgeting and debt            
Parent Effectiveness            
Parent-Child conflict            
Managing aging parents            
In-law and extended family problems            
Coping with legal problems            
Loss and Grief counseling            
Surviving high conflict divorce                        
Achieving an amicable divorce                        
Custody Issues                        
Living well after divorce                      
Co-parenting with an ex-spouse                        
Step-family/blended family issues                        
Dating after divorce

Sessions with Dr. Squyres are usually 60 minutes. 90 or 120 minute sessions can be scheduled with prior notice.

Dr. Squyres works with preteens, teens and adults only.  If you are seeking a therapist to work with your child aged 10 or under, we can give you a referral to another psychologist with expertise in psychotherapy with young children.   

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