Dr. Squyres provides individualized executive coaching and personal effectiveness training.  Even the most accomplished professional can be deterred from the pinnacle of success by skills deficits and interpersonal issues.  The opportunity for frank dialogue with a trusted adviser can provide a valuable opportunity to explore and remedy any such issues in a secure unbiased setting.  Meetings with Dr. Squyres can be held in her office, by telephone or by online video teleconferencing.  Dr. Squyres executive and professional coaching services can enhance:  

Personal and professional organization
Financial management and budgeting
Strategic and Analytic Thinking
Time Management
Written and Verbal Communication
Interpersonal conflict resolution and mediation of differences
Personal and professional image and self-presentation
Planning, Decision Making  and Problem Solving
Setting and Achieving Goals
Personal Effectiveness
Focus, concentration and self-discipline
Values clarification
Ethical reasoning and Integrity
Creativity and Innovation
Using technology effectively
Networking and career building
Public Speaking
Effective Presentations
Professional Image Development
Media Effectiveness
Dealing with Difficult Coworkers, Customers or Supervisors
Coping with job loss, layoffs and downsizing
Changing Jobs
Work / family balance
Working effectively through major life changes and medical problems
Managing disabilities and special needs in the workplace
Athletic / sports performance and excellence

Dr. Squyres has worked in many different types of business environments.  She is tech savvy and even built this website on her own!

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