As a mother of three children herself, Dr. Squyres understands the needs of preadolescents and teenagers both personally and professionally.  Young people often benefit from discussing sensitive issues or emotional problems with a trusted adult who is not a family member.  Dr. Squyres is particularly skilled at maintaining a secure confidential relationship with a teen or "tween" while keeping concerned parents apprised of goals and progress in therapy.  Dr. Squyres can help with:

Emotional regulation
Moodiness and irritability
Panic Attacks
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Eating Disorders
Managing ADHD and distractibility
Family problems
Anger management
School behavior problems
Conflict resolution
Healthy use of the internet, technology and video games
Bullying and Cliques
Interpersonal skills
Verbal and written communication skills
Impulse control and self-discipline
Short and long term goal setting
Time management, organization and planning
Exploring career and life choices
Study skills and school performance
Planning for and succeeding in college
Responsibility and independence
Healthy relationships, dating and friendships
Insight, self-discovery and personal awareness
Self-esteem and confidence
Values clarification
Exploring existential, philosophical and spiritual concerns
Coping with parent's divorce
Stepfamily/blended family issues
Living with physical illness and disabilities
Sleep problems
Dealing with trauma or loss
Grief Counseling

Dr. Squyres works with preteens, teens and adults only.  If you are seeking a therapist to work with your child aged 10 or under, we can give you a referral to another psychologist with expertise in psychotherapy with young children.   

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